Feeding Therapy

Feeding difficulties are common in many children. At Texarkana Therapy Center our occupational therapists and speech-language pathologist have joined together to create a specialized feeding therapy program. Feeding therapy focuses on a number of factors that may prevent your child from being able to receive proper nutrition. Our therapists focus on helping children to increase independence in feeding skills, promote tolerance to different types of food, reduce hypersensitivity, and improve oral motor control. Therapeutic treatment may address but are not limited to the following concerns.

  • Tactile Sensitivity

  • Food Aversion

  • Poor Oral Motor Skills

  • Difficulty Gaining Weight

  • Frequent Respiratory Infections

  • Difficulty Transitioning to Different Types of Foods

  • Choking or gagging during meals

  • Delayed Tolerance for Solid Food 

  • Limited Variety in Diet

  • Struggle with Weaning from Bottle

  • Limited Self-Feeding Skills

  • Poor Coordination

  • Fine Motor Weakness

  • Sensory Disorders Affecting Feeding

  • Picky Eater / Problem Feeder

  • Delayed Tolerance for Solid Food 

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