Our Occupational Therapy Department founder and director, Dorie Pearson, OTR, ADHD-CCSP, has 30+ years of experience working in pediatrics. Since becoming an ADHD-Certified Specialist, she has been dedicated to developing a program for the increasing population of children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 


OTs specialize in enabling individuals to perform meaningful tasks and occupations. ADHD affects many aspects of children’s lives such as academic performance, home routines, task initiation, physical coordination, and social skills. OT can help through applying knowledge in cognitive processes, behavioral science, anatomy, and sensory processing.   

Our Approach

Increase Independence
Reinforce positive learning behaviors, personal habits, routines, and activities of daily living 
Sensory Integration
Develop self-regulation skills and modify behaviors such as fidgeting, hyperactivity, and visual attention
Fine & Gross Motor Skills
Address coordination weaknesses, delays, and handwriting 
Executive Functioning
Manage attention, impulsivity,  organization, and completion of 
daily tasks 

Social Skills
Improve peer interaction, turn-taking and active listening

Our Technology

We are dedicated to providing the most current and state of the art technology for our patients and families. Below is a list of some of the resources used specifically for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. 

-Play Attention

-Therapeutic Listening Program

-Beam Interactive
-Brain Beat
-ALERT Program
-Handwriting without Tears

-How Does Your Engine Run?

-Sensory Diets/Home Programs

-Parent Education and Training

Ready for Success

Occupational Therapy helps children become more independent in daily occupations and routines. Be ready for success in academics, at home, and with peers. 

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